Every foodie knows that brunch is the most important meal of the day. Whether you’re looking to get boozy with fresh mimosas or just want to chow down on some delicious eggs, there’s a brunch spot for everyone in Dallas, Texas. At Castle Development Group, we appreciate a good Texas-sized meal served at the beginning of your day (or in the afternoon, depending on how much fun you had the night before). That’s why we’ve listed six of the best brunch spots in Dallas for you to enjoy.

Maple Leaf Diner

breakfast of eggs salad and biscuit

Biscuit by Sarah Stierch is licensed with CC BY 2.0

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy the best that Canada has to offer without leaving the comfort of Dallas, check out the Maple Leaf Diner. When owner and Ontario native Michael Delaurier got fed up with trying to find Canadian favorites for his wife in their Texas home, he decided to bring them to her instead. The result is a magical mix of American diner classics and Canadian specialties like poutine, Canadian bacon, and butter tarts. There are even some Southern favorites thrown in, like a chicken and waffles dish that’s truly to die for.

Stop by for breakfast and brunch hours seven days a week. You can stuff your face with delicious food, grab a few popular brunch cocktails, or both. If you’re really in the mood for some Canadian beers, you can also find them here. If you’re in the mood for a unique, multi-cultural dining experience, you’ll find that, too.


For those who strongly believe that brunch shouldn’t be limited by something as common as time, you might enjoy Ellen’s. This Southern-from-scratch restaurant serves its entire menu all day, so brunch is served when you want it to be. Grab an omelet for dinner or meatloaf for breakfast. No one will judge you here. With a location in downtown Dallas and one in Allen, Ellen’s is taking over the city with its Southern charm and home-style meals. Enjoy local ingredients, careful cooking, and friendly smiles when you step into this spot.


As its name suggests, Brunchaholics is a paradise for the brunch crowd. This restaurant, which is only open from Thursday through Sunday, features lunch and breakfast options on its weekdays and a full-on brunch on weekends. This includes traditional lunch specials like chicken sandwiches, wings, wraps, mac and cheeses, and soul-food-inspired breakfast options like chicken and waffles, Cajun shrimp ‘n’ grits, or the aptly named “soul food burrito.”

As the dining room works on its liquor license, drinks are BYO, but you can easily enjoy your favorite brews with complementary water, Coke, and Sprite. If you’d rather pick up, though, the place’s inventive drive-thru window makes the process seamless. Casual and delicious, you’ll surely want to add Brunchaholics to your regular rotation.

The Biscuit Bar

If you believe that most things in life might be a bit better on a biscuit, you may have met your perfect brunch match in The Biscuit Bar. This fast-casual spot serves up breakfast classics on biscuits, making everything a delectable sandwich or platter. Biscuit accompaniments include egg options, chicken, beef, pulled pork, gravy, and all sorts of inventive combinations. You can also dine on biscuit-forward versions of breakfast classics like French toast or chicken and waffles.

If you’d like to complete your biscuit meal, you can add tater tots or salads on the side and sip on craft cocktails, beers, wines, brunch drink specialties, coffees, kombucha, and even alcoholic cereal creations. Unlike some other brunch options, this spot is open for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late night, serving their signature biscuit-y goodness until the early hours of the morning. Need some eggs after a night on the town? Put ’em on a biscuit and experience sheer brunch-based bliss.

La Reunion

La Reunion describes itself as a purveyor of “the craftiest cocktails, world-class coffee, and brunch all day.” If that sounds as good to you as it does to us, stop by this trendy spot’s Bishop Arts District location. Open at 8 a.m. and staying that way up until 2 a.m., this is a great place to grab a bite or sit down for a meal with friends. Creative, upscale breakfast sandwiches include elevated ingredients like prosciutto, kale, and aged gruyere cheese. For later in the day, there are snack boards, cauliflower flatbreads, and wings.

Most notable, though, might be the all-day breakfast tacos, which come in the bacon, avocado, or chorizo variety and will set you back only a couple of bucks per taco. Classic, brunch, and signature cocktails sit with wine and beer offerings that complete any meal. You can even peruse a coffee bar filled with unique lattes, cold brews, and tea creations. Stop by and have your regular brunch served in a whole new way at La Reunion.

Dream Cafe

Sometimes, you just want to eat something leafy, green, and healthy. Or, you at least want to have the option. That’s where Dream Cafe comes into play. A Dallas staple since 1988, this family breakfast and lunch business was serving up health foods long before it was trendy. They offer organic, vegan, and veggie-forward options for the health-conscious, along with burgers, omelets, pancakes, benedicts, and other grease-forward (and indescribably delicious) diner classics. Drink options include fresh juices, smoothies, coffees, teas, and other healthy favorites.

But Dream Cafe doesn’t want to create a binary view of its offerings. This cafe happily accepts diners of all kinds and preferences and does its best to accommodate substitutions to make each patron’s meal the best ever. Switch out soy cheese for cheddar or bacon for a veggie pattie and no one will bat an eye. Grab some granola to eat with your fried egg and sausage. Make yourself at home at this Dallas institution.

So, there you have it. Castle Development Group just listed six of our favorite brunch spots in Dallas. How’d you find our list? Anything we forgot? You can always contact us today to let us know. We can’t wait to connect with our fellow Texas brunch fans.