Brokerages help sellers connect with their buyers, saving them valuable time, money, and energy. There are many types of brokerages, many of which specialize in the services they can offer their clients. For example, a stockbroker might help investors buy and sell their assets for increased profits, while an insurance broker might help draft insurance contracts to save parties’ time. In the development space, a brokerage might work with clients to support them in their commercial real estate needs.

Here’s a closer look at some useful services a commercial real estate brokerage might offer their clients:

Landlord Representation

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One of the primary services you might find with a commercial real estate brokerage is landlord representation. Many landlords spend too much time locating tenants to fill their buildings. This process involves many steps that extend past just sourcing tenants eager to rent or lease a property. A brokerage can help execute some of these steps on behalf of landlords, ensuring they connect with only viable and reliable tenants for their spaces.

Brokerages often work with landlords to understand their exact expectations. Then, they can represent the owner to ensure lease deals maximize owner revenue and enhance property values. The services that brokerages offer might also extend into the execution of the lease, facilitating relationships between landlords and tenants to clarify boundaries and expectations for all involved parties. A development group might offer additional services to a brokerage, assisting with property management efforts on behalf of landlords. At Castle Development group, we combine our property management and brokerage services for added client convenience.

Site Selection Services

Another service a commercial real estate brokerage might offer is site selection services. Brokerages can consider markets, industries, and goals to connect their clients with the best sites for their buildings. Specialization can be helpful here too. For example, a brokerage specializing in residential property can often help landlords establish residencies in higher-value areas with high demand. The same is true for medical real estate.

Experienced brokerages ensure clients connect with the most useful and up-to-date market data for their industry. They look at all the relevant data to find properties that fit a buyer’s budget and business needs, helping buyers find the best locations for their facilities.

Investment Sales

Investment sales is another important service many brokers offer their clients. Because brokers have industry connections and experience, they can use their enhanced networks to gather industry data and knowledge. When it comes time to sell, they can use these resources to access valuable buyer pools and valuation services. They assist buyers and sellers throughout the transaction, ensuring maximum revenue and valuations for owners and a seamless buying experience for buyers.


The same network that helps with investment sales also makes brokerages excellent marketers. Many brokerages offer marketing services to help owners raise the values and success of their investments. This can help them improve the attractiveness of their investments, guaranteeing larger returns. Marketing can also attract good tenants and other developers interested in establishing businesses that could bring customers and investors to your area.

Property Analysis

In-depth property buyers feel confident about the viability of their property purchases. By offering this service, brokers can provide investors and owners with comprehensive reports about their current property or ones they’re interested in. The analysis can be industry and client specific, but it might look closely at elements like permitting requirements, demographic information, or nearby property values.

A thorough analysis can offer investors and owners peace of mind and help them develop the most effective plans for their purchase or building improvements. By understanding key details about a property, brokers can make suggestions, develop forecasts, and support investors and owners in their commercial real estate goals.

Financial Modeling

When considering a new property or deciding on changes, it’s important to have more than just information on current trends and data. Financial modeling can help you predict the future success of your investments. A broker might offer modeling services that consider property and market data to make reliable predictions. These predictions can help owners know when to buy, sell, or raise prices for their tenants.

Financial modeling services often come with analysis services. These go deeper than merely making models. With these services, brokers can use their in-depth knowledge and expertise to advise their clients on wise business decisions and profitable actions.

Ad hoc Services

Some of the best brokerages specialize in their client’s specific commercial real estate development pursuits. They often have connections, data, and resources that they can offer clients to ensure they find as much success as possible in the broker-client relationship. Some services a brokerage offers might be industry-specific, so they might have additional offerings for clients that can benefit their business efforts.

Commercial real estate brokerages also have value in the development space, offering non-brokerage services to their real estate clients to help with all their investment, development, and management needs. At Castle Development Group, we support our clients by offering many services besides brokerage services. That’s where our expertise and industry knowledge comes in handy. We facilitate more than just buyer and seller relationships to ensure your investments stay viable and profitable for as long as you have them.

Finding a brokerage service specialized to fit your needs can help you maximize the success of your investments and save you valuable time and money. Many property owners and investors know a lot of work goes into buying, managing, and selling commercial real estate. A brokerage with a comprehensive list of buyer services is essential to maximize the success and profitability of your spaces.

Whether you’re looking to build an office space or a medical facility or are just curious about our specific services and offerings, we’d love to hear from you. Contact us to learn more about our services and how we can help facilitate your commercial real estate processes. Our team of industry-leading experts is here to help with all the top data, connections, and advice.