Is Buying Property in Texas a Good Investment?


Is buying property in Texas a good investment? The quick answer is yes, it is. Texas laws and regulations are landlord-friendly, and there’s no personal income tax. With steady population growth, the rental demand remains high, housing prices are very reasonable, and the state offers job diversity and a thriving economy that will produce consistent rental [...]

Is Buying Property in Texas a Good Investment?2022-08-01T17:00:51-05:00

Best BBQ Spots Near Southlake, Texas


Texas is known for its beef and pork barbecue. You'll find an abundance of restaurants, sandwich shops, and food trucks serving up some of the best barbecue meats and sides you've ever tasted. Our Castle Development Group invites you to try some of the best barbecue spots near Southlake, Texas. Meat U Anywhere BBQ BBQ! by [...]

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Property Management vs Asset Management


While the titles sound familiar, there's a difference between property management and asset management. If you're ready to dive into purchasing property as an investment, it's important to know the distinction between them and how each is essential to your success. House on Money by MarkMoz12 is licensed with CC BY 2.0 What Is Property Management? Property management is the management [...]

Property Management vs Asset Management2022-08-01T16:51:43-05:00
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